What is a Pre-Move Inspection and why is it important?

What is a Pre-Move Inspection and why is it important?

If you’re thinking of hiring 3 Men Movers for your Houston move, you’ll want to get an idea of how moving day will go. Start by getting familiar with the pre-move inspection, which will occur after our movers arrive but before they move anything. Basically, the pre-move inspection kicks off moving day! Here’s what to expect from it and how it benefits you.

Why do you need a pre move inspection?

The point of this inspection is to determine the condition of the home and its contents before the move begins. This way, your movers will know if they’re responsible for any damage to your home or belongings once the move is over. For example, if they see scuffs on the walls or floors at the end of the day, they might start worrying they caused them. That is, until you remind them those marks have been there since your Aunt Sue decided to try riding a scooter down the hallway years ago!

If you hire another moving company that does not do pre-move inspections, there’s a chance your movers won’t know about any damages they did cause during the move and you may struggle to prove that your movers caused it. With a pre-move inspection, if you know your favorite antique chair had four legs before the move, and now it’s mysteriously missing one, you can easily refer to the pre-move inspection, see that the damage was not initially documented, and begin to file a damage claim. Basically, the pre-move inspection ensures both you and your movers are on the same page preventing “he-said”, “she-said” arguments about damages after the move.

What happens during a pre move inspection?

So how does this inspection work? Well, our movers will show up at your home, greet you, and ask you to walk them through the house for the pre-move inspection. At this point the will begin assessing your house and belongings with you – pointing out and documenting damages as necessary. They’ll be on the lookout for everything from broken stairs that could trip them up to scuffs on the wall.

During this walk through, you will want them to make note of all the details they need to know. They might ask if you will need them to disassemble any furniture, and if all the cabinets, drawers and appliances are empty or if you’ll need time to take everything out.

These details will help your Houston movers plan the order of the move. After all, it’s not uncommon for customers to need more time getting ready for the move, so don’t be afraid to let your movers know this. They can always start moving the big pieces of furniture while you finish packing up boxes so you have more time. Remember, if you’ve got a large pack job ahead of you, you can always book our packing service!

The pre-move inspection is also a great time to let your movers know about any special requests you have. For instance, if you have an irreplaceable painting that they need to be especially careful with, now is the time to point it out. And if you have a rather unstable table that tends to fall apart when you try to move it, inform your movers so they can be more cautious than usual as they load it in the truck.

As you can see, the pre-move inspection is pretty important if you want to protect your home and its contents. If you’re ready to get through this inspection and follow it with a successful moving day, contact our Houston office