Realtor Spotlight Eric Recktenwald

Realtor Spotlight Eric Recktenwald

Easy with Eric Recktenwald

What is Eric’s big secret? Get to know Eric and learn how this Realtor has been so successful in his career!


With 23 years of solid real estate experience, Eric can honestly tell his clients that when it comes to selling their house, “It’s Easy with Eric. The only person more interested than me in selling the house…is the seller,” says Eric. He doesn’t feel that he needs to sell every house on the market…just the ones that he has listed.

It looks easy to his clients, but Eric has a list of 186 items that he checks off in order to sell a house. In January he sold his 81st property in a row that had been previously listed with another Brokerage but failed to sell.

With a love of the great outdoors and a spirit of adventure Eric grew up in upstate New York …then moved to Denver. In the winter he was on the ski slopes over 1,000 times and in the summer you could find him racing motorcycles. He met his wife of 23 years in Denver and in 1997 they moved to Austin.

Today Eric enjoys Cub Scouts with his 11-year-old son and coaching flag football.

About Eric:

Your first car was? A 1967 Chevelle SS with an unbelievably BIG engine.

You love to? Coach Flag Football, Cook a good meal or do some woodworking

Your favorite food? Steak – medium.

Ready any good books lately? I usually have 4 or 5 business books going at a time. I love to read. I just finished Speed of Trust and Renewable Referrals.

The secret of your success? Combining my background in engineering with my people skills. When it comes to real estate I know how to make it easy for my clients to buy and sell.


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