Realtor Spotlights

Realtor Spotlight : Mercede Nall
Aug 21, 2019
Mercede is a licensed realtor who has lived in the San Antonio area for over 25 years. She knows moving can be stressful at times, so she makes it her job to help ease...
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Realtor Spotlight: Hillary Smith
Jul 11, 2019
Hillary is an Austin realtor who works hard to make sure her clients are happy, and has the reviews to prove it! She enjoys using her unique expertise to guide...
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Realtor Spotlight: Adam Williams
Jun 10, 2019
Adam Williams is an experienced realtor in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and has helped many families with buying or selling their homes. Adam makes a point to keep up with...
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Realtor Spotlight: Shonda Robinson
May 15, 2019
Naturally enthusiastic, tenacious and patient, Shonda is able to harness her abilities to ensure her clients are always well taken care of. Her goal is to ensure that every home...
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Realtor Spotlight: Missy Dunbar
Apr 19, 2019
Meet Missy Dunbar. She is a Houston native with over 15 years of experience as a realtor in all areas of the Houston area. One of her clients is one...
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Rene Sorola Realtor Spotlight
May 16, 2017
Say hello to Rene Sorola, award-winning Houston realtor. He is a Texas native and has made quite the splash in the Houston realty scene. Keep reading to learn a little...
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Realtor Spotlight: Jason Berryhill
Mar 16, 2017
Jason may be a newcomer to the real estate business but his drive and energy have made his debut into the industry a strong one. He is a Texas native...
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Realtor Spotlight: Ces Guerra
Feb 09, 2017
Meet Houston realtor Ces Guerra. He is an author, Louisiana native, and savvy businessman. Keep reading to learn a little more about him and to discover his insight into how...
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San Antonio Realtor Spotlight: Dean Sueltenfuss
Apr 26, 2016
Keller Williams Realty agent Dean Sueltenfuss goes by many names. He is known to some as “the dean of real estate”, to many as “the king of the open house”,...
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Realtor Spotlight Lauren Yoder
Apr 25, 2016
Meet Austin area real estate expert, Lauren Yoder. She is a spirited young woman with a taste for craft beer, sunshine, and good times! She grew up in Ann Arbor,...
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