What to Know (& Do) Before Hiring Professional Packers

What to Know (& Do) Before Hiring Professional Packers

If you’ve got competing priorities, you should strongly consider hiring professional packers before your next move. Imagine You’re moving in a week and have been so busy with work and life, you haven’t packed a thing. Literally, nothingAt all. The good news is that you can simply call your moving company to handle it all. No stress! 

What Happens When You Hire Packers for Moving:

Obviously, moving companies will differ in their approaches. But this is generally the process you can expect when booking a packing service:

  1. Company will do an inventory/ walk-through
  2. 3-4 packers will start 1 day before—or the day of—your move
  3. Teams bring their own supplies or use any you provide
  4. Packers will pack and/or unpack your items room by room
  5. Unpackers will organize everything—especially kitchens & closets
  6. If unpacking, teams will discard any garbage or debris
  7. At 3 Men Movers, you sign the packers in and out to approve time

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How Much It Costs to Hire Professional Packers & Unpackers

Professional movers who pack for you will typically charge by the hour. For most companies—us included—that price is the same as the hourly rate for their moving services. Costs for packing services can range from $140 to over $200. 

Factors That Impact How Much You’ll Pay for Packers

  • Seasonal demand—like peak seasons or holidays
  • Day of the week
  • Number of packing crewmates (fewer might be pricier)
  • Roundtrip travel fee
  • Packing supplies

As far as the travel fee, it’s usually roundtrip based on getting the packers from their facility to your place. If you’re hiring a team to unpack as well, expect the same charge included for the destination. This is especially true if the packers are arriving separately from the moving crew, or if packers are coming on a day different from your actual move.  

Some companies also charge based on the number of crew members. So, it’s extremely important that you give your moving company enough notice and information to have the right supplies and people to pack your things. 

Should I Hire Cheap Professional Packers?

There’s definitely a keyword here… Hiring packers for moving your stuff means you should have true professionals. If not, it will show in poorly packed (and possibly broken) items. Then, that cheap price won’t even be worth it!

Skip any companies that cannot answer basic questions about their packing service—like the packers’ experience handling certain items, whether they conduct criminal background checks, or what policies apply if your things are stolen or damaged.

Also consider what you’re getting by hiring true professionals to pack or unpack for you. For instance, here at 3 Men Movers, all unpacking services include free organization. So you don’t have to deal with the dreaded kitchen and pantry after a long day of moving!

Your Packing Service Can Be Personalized 

On the day of your move (or the day before), a packing crew will pack as much or as little as you want. You can ask movers to pack your entire house or apartment, or even one or two rooms…like that closet that has been collecting random things for years, or the kitchen where packing delicate glassware is a tedious, but super important task.

Movers and Packers Should Have Professional Training

Some companies will have a separate team to pack. Others will factor the service into your appointment time and your moving crew will complete both the pack and your move.  

No matter how your chosen moving company provides the service, any movers who pack and load your belongings should be trained. With new technology and products coming out every year or so, crews with up-to-date, professional training should be able to keep their packing skills sharp.      

You May Still Need to Prepare Before Packers Arrive

Even if you want a hands-off packing experience, it’s smart to take stock of what you own and prepare accordingly before movers arrive. Ultimately, only you know what you want to take with you before the movers or packers even start. So, it’s best to find out if anything needs special treatment before your movers and packers arrive.

It could be something delicate… Something that is physically installed on the wall or floor… Or, an instrument case you just need to get out of the storage closet. Even if it’s as simple as cleaning or setting out special cases or packaging, use the time before your packers come to prepare wisely.

Not all moving companies will move certain items. Still, other items may need to be taken apart by a special contractor or the manufacturer before movers can pack and handle them. (Like those Peloton bikes, for instance). By communicating important information with the movers who will pack for you, your move day will run a lot more smoothly!

So, take note and tell the packing crew if you have any of the following:

  • Items that must be mechanically removed (e.g. a bolted-down gun safe)
  • Heavy items that may need wrapping to avoid scuffs
  • Antique or sentimental items
  • Canvas art & TVs that need special boxes
  • Child beds & play equipment should have manuals or be reassembled by you
  • Specialty medical devices or musical instruments
  • Potted plants or sharp, hefty outdoor gear 

Before packers arrive, it’s also a good idea to see what existing supplies or old packaging you have. It will be much easier and faster to move that 50-inch flatscreen TV or wine collection if you have the original boxes! 

Packing Services Are Hourly & Upgradeable

Virtually all moving companies charge hourly for packing. At 3 Men Movers, there is a 2-hour minimum for booking a packing service. This means clients book our packers for at least two hours—not that packing will take only two hours (which is impossible for a mover to claim, anyway.) It also ensures the entire job justifies the cost and time investment taken by the packing crews and you, the client. But, you’ll be so glad you did it. That’s at least 2 hours you can be doing other things!

Movers can also unpack for you. Want a truly hands-off, worry-free moving experience? Ask about upgrading your service to include unpacking at your destination. 

Here’s how our unpacking service works:

  1. A team of 3 professionals come out the day after or the day of your move. 
  2. Then, they speedily unpack and organize everything precisely how you want it. 
  3. At the end, they’ll even haul off the boxes and trash. This way, your new place will feel like home right away. Plus, you can relax without having to stare at boxes cluttering up your new space.

WATCH: Timelapse of a 3 Men Movers Packing Service

Packers Should Be Well-Prepared With Supplies

Everything will be labeled, well-organized, and packed with the utmost expert care. No matter which moving company you hire to help you pack, some parts of a packing service are a given. For example, enough hands should show up. It’s the company’s responsibility to send the appropriate number of packers to get the job done— in the way you prefer and in a timely manner. 

For us here at 3 Men Movers, our packing service includes three professionally trained packers. Four crew members will help pack your belongings if you book one of our Super-Sized® moving trucks. (They clock in at 48-feet long.)  Also, most teams will bring their own supplies. So, it’s no sweat if you don’t have your own. 

If you do have a preference, packers can use any supplies you have on hand. Definitely consider using the original packaging for items requiring safe and clean transportation—like canvas art, rugs, electronics, kitchenware, and more.

Prior to the packers arriving, you can also ask to purchase specialty boxes or materials directly from your moving company. Most movers either sell or know where to get moving supplies like tape, blankets, bubble wrap, packing paper, etc. Whatever you choose, make sure your packers know what and how much they’ll be packing, so they can bring the appropriate supplies!

Wrapping Up

By now you should be prepared and confident to book a fantastic packing service that will take loads of worry from your shoulders. Even better: if this is your first time booking this type of service where movers pack for you, you’ll know exactly what to expect!