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Moving Doesn't Have To Suck: Best Tips For An Easy Move
Nov 11, 2023
Expert tips for a stress-free move from decluttering and packing early to hiring professional packers. Turn your transition into a smooth, organized experience!
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How to Spot Bad Moving Companies
Aug 14, 2023
Learn how to identify the warning signs of bad movers. As Houston's trusted moving experts, we've learned the signs of how to spot the worst moving companies.
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Quick Moving Tips: How to Move Out of a House in 2 Weeks
Jul 28, 2023
Moving in a hurry? Our last-minute movers guide covers everything you need to make a quick move into or out of your house in 2 weeks or less!
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Hydration Matters: How To Beat The Heat This Summer While Moving
Jul 18, 2023
Moving during summer? Check out these tips on staying hydrated while moving.
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Quick Apartment Moving: How to Move an Apartment in 2 Weeks
Jul 14, 2023
Moving in a hurry? Our last-minute apartment moving guide covers everything you need to make a quick move into or out of an apartment in 2 weeks or less!
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11 Steps for Moving in 2 Weeks or Less: The Guide for Last Minute Movers
Jun 29, 2023
If moving last-minute has you freaked out, don't worry! Here's everything you need to know about moving out ASAP plus a moving checklist by professional movers!
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Exploring the Potential Hidden Costs of Hiring a Mover + Tips to Ensure You Get a Good Deal
May 24, 2023
Are you considering hiring a professional mover? Here we give you the inside scoop on hidden costs that may arise and tips to ensure you get good value during your move.
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The Truth About What Happens When Movers Damage Your Stuff
May 12, 2023
Let’s face it, things can get damaged when you move and state requirements for claims are not designed to protect you, but don't worry, we're here to help.
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7 Things Your Movers Want You To Know Before Moving Day
May 04, 2023
You’ve found your new place (congrats!) and now it’s time to book your movers. Here are 7 things every mover wants you to know — before your move day gets here.
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How to Downsize When Moving to a Senior Living Community
Apr 28, 2023
Decluttering and downsizing when moving to a senior living community can be stressful. Our downsizing tips can make the move easier for everyone.
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Your Guide to Finding Packing Help for Seniors
Apr 10, 2023
Packing can be challenging for seniors. If you need help moving your elderly family member, our guide offers tips on how to find the right packer for you.
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Are There Movers Who Pack & Unpack For You? All Your Questions, Answered
Apr 07, 2023
Yes, there really are movers who pack for you. You can hire them, and not break a sweat! Learn more about what to expect from movers who pack, what movers won’t pack, how to know if you should hire professional packers, & how much it typically costs.
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How to Choose the Best Moving Company Near You
Apr 05, 2023
Hiring the right moving company can save you time on your next move. How do you know if a mover is good? See how you can find the best mover here.
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Simplify Your Senior Move: How to Downsize with Ease and Enjoy Your New Senior Living Facility
Mar 15, 2023
Moving to a senior living facility can be overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. Our guide offers tips for downsizing your belongings, packing efficiently, and enlisting the help of senior living trained crews. Discover how to make your move stress-free and start enjoying the benefits of senior living today.
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8 Hacks to Quickly Clean Your Apartment Before Moving Out
Jul 03, 2021
Want to clean your apartment fast like a pro? Use these 8 efficient cleaning hacks before you move, and you could get your apartment deposit back…
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Everybody Hates Moving – Here’s How to Make It LESS Stressful
May 05, 2021
Got anxiety about your next move? Stress doesn’t have to make your move more complicated. See how you & your family can banish moving stress for good!
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Expert Tips on How To Pack Fragile Items for Moving
Sep 05, 2020
We all have that special set of delicate china, a family heirloom, glassware, or oddly-shaped ceramic figurine that we want to keep safe when moving. Broken items are one of…
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Why You Need Renter’s Insurance In Texas Before Moving
Aug 22, 2020
Not sure why you need renter’s insurance before you move? To put it plainly: you’ll need a renter’s policy to cover anything you can’t immediately replace. In fact, if you’re…
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5 Essential Things To Do On Moving Day
Aug 09, 2020
Moving can either be exciting or overwhelming. If you haven’t prepared or organized all the necessary things to do on moving day, just thinking about it can be downright…
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What to Know (& Do) Before Hiring Professional Packers
Jul 30, 2020
If you’ve got competing priorities, you should strongly consider hiring professional packers before your next move. Imagine: You’re moving in a week and have been so busy with work…
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Welcome, Friends of Roselyn! Use ROSE30 during booking and receive $30 off*
Jul 17, 2020
Whether you’ve planned ahead or need to move last minute, 3 Men Movers is here to make your move as stress-free as possible!
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Moving In Summer? This Is Your Cool Safety Guide.
Jul 15, 2020
Planning on moving in the summer heat and trying not to fry like an egg on a hot sidewalk? Summer is peak moving season. So not only is it…
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What You Need to Know Before Moving Into a Storage Unit
Jul 04, 2020
Do you really need to rent that storage unit before moving? If so, what size storage unit do you even need? And, what size moving truck can fit everything you have to…
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How Much Storage Units Cost & How to Get Better Deals
Jun 28, 2020
Shopping and trying to figure out how much storage units cost can be a challenge… especially when you’re trying to coordinate a move, too. Prices are heavily influenced not only…
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Welcome, Friends of Katelyn! Use KATE30 during booking and receive $30 off*
Jun 20, 2020
Whether you’ve planned ahead or need to move last minute, 3 Men Movers is here to make your move as stress-free as possible!
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Top Mistakes That Will Drag Out Your Move Day [Checklist]
Jun 14, 2020
Know what can kill your chances of having a good move? Mistakes we make when moving. No matter where the errors originate, no one wants their move day to take…
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Efficient Moving Advice That Will Make Your Day Successful
Jun 07, 2020
It’s move day, and time is money. So you definitely need to know how to move out as efficiently as possible. So, what’s the most efficient way to move? Find out…
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Domestic Violence Survivor’s Moving Safety Guide [DOWNLOAD]
May 17, 2020
Moving out or threatening to leave is the most dangerous thing a domestic violence survivor can do. It’s also the most necessary thing a survivor can do. This downloadable domestic…
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Best & Worst Ways to Pack Ahead for a Move
May 17, 2020
Need to pack ahead for a move? See the best & worst ways to pack dishes, plants, jewelry, clothing, and more to make your move more efficient.
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20 Questions to Ask Movers Before Booking
May 03, 2020
Need to find trustworthy, professional, and reliable movers? See the most important questions to ask before you hire professional movers!
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Escaping Domestic Violence? Here’s How to Move Out Safely.
Apr 15, 2020
For victims of domestic violence, the COVID-19 pandemic presents another obstacle when trying to leave toxic situations and move out. With stay-at-home orders, job losses, financial and emotional hardships, and…
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How We’re Helping Domestic Abuse Survivors During the Pandemic
Apr 03, 2020
On average, 20 people per minute are physically abused by a partner in the United States. Reports of domestic violence are rising due to the coronavirus pandemic, and it…
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Moving to San Antonio? Here’s What You Need to Know
Jan 31, 2020
Considering a move to San Antonio? There are a few things you need to know about living in this Texas city that won’t pop up in a simple Google search….
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Is It Better To Move Yourself Or Hire Movers?
Sep 26, 2019
You may spend less money when you move yourself compared to when you hire a mover, but the small savings of a DIY move won’t justify all of the…
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Professional Houston Movers
Sep 04, 2019
Houston is our moving company’s home town and we’re proud of it. Our trucks first hit the road in 1985 and now our local moving company has expanded to San Antonio, Austin and Dallas with one of the largest privately owned fleets in Texas.
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How To Prepare for Full-Service Movers in San Antonio?
Aug 23, 2019
Being a professional mover in San Antonio is hard work! It’s a lot of physical activity including lifting, carrying, and even walking up and down stairs multiple times with heavy…
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How Long Do Movers Usually Take?
Jul 19, 2019
A common question we always get from most customers is “How Long Will My Move Take?” This is understandable seeing how most Houston moving companies are priced on hourly rates….
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How You Can Have a Better Move with 3 Men Movers in San Antonio
Jun 25, 2019
New technology is revolutionizing every industry there is, and moving is no exception. We like to think of our moving company as leaders in technology with the moving industry. We…
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What Happens If It’s Raining on Your Moving Day?
May 24, 2019
Your new place is ready, your Austin movers are scheduled, and you’ve even started to pack. Being on top of things feels good! You check for your moving day…
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Your Checklist for Moving
Mar 22, 2019
Moving can be a stressful–but exciting!–experience. It always involves a lot of change– whether you’re moving a few streets away, or moving to a new city or state. It’s easy…
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Same Day Moves: What You Need to Know
Mar 08, 2019
With some moves, you know months ahead of time and have plenty of weeks to plan every detail. But sometimes life happens, emergencies arise and you have to be…
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Best Apps for Buying a Home
Feb 09, 2019
If you need to move soon and have to find a house fast, there’s an app for that! Actually, there are several apps that make house hunting simple enough for…
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How to Handle a Postponed Move
Jan 17, 2019
So your boxes are packed, your move is scheduled and everything is all ready for moving day…except your new home. Now instead of moving this Saturday, something has popped up…
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Items Our Movers Can’t Put on the Moving Truck and Why
Jan 11, 2019
Professional movers can make your move easy by packing up your belongings and driving them to your new home on moving day. However, as you finish packing, keep in mind…
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Tips on Downsizing To a Smaller Home
Jan 05, 2019
Downsizing to a smaller home makes sense for a lot of people, but that doesn’t mean the move will be easy. In fact, it usually means you’ll have to make…
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The Worst – and Best – Days to Move During the Holidays
Dec 01, 2018
You’ve probably heard all about how hard it is to move during the holidays, but sometimes you just don’t have a choice. Maybe you’re relocating for a job and need…
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Moving When You Work From Home
Nov 20, 2018
If you work from home, planning your move may be a little different than if you worked in an office. Sure, you don’t have a commute so you might have…
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Top 5 Organization Tips from our Professional Packers
Nov 01, 2018
The moving process is so focused on packing and loading everything up that you might forget there’s still a lot of work to be done once you get to…
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5 Ways to Say Goodbye to Your Home Before You Move
Oct 22, 2018
Moving to a new home can be an exciting time as you think of all the perks of the place you’re moving into. But it can also be bittersweet, since…
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Moving with Pets & Keeping Them Zen
Oct 11, 2018
Whether you’ve had weeks or months to plan your move, you’re probably stressed about the process. Now imagine if you had no time to prepare, and were told you were…
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Loved your movers, but can’t tip? We can help.
Sep 20, 2018
It’s common for people to tip their movers when they’re happy with the work…but let’s face it: the whole moving process can be expensive! Whether you’re buying or renting, you’re…
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The 4 “C’s” of Moving Into Your First Apartment with Roommates
Sep 17, 2018
There comes a time in everyone’s life when they have to leave the nest and strike out on their own–or rather, with roommates. If that time for you is…
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Breaking Down Our Transparent Travel Fee
Sep 13, 2018
Whenever you move with us, there are only two costs associated. There’s the Hourly Rate (which you can read more about here) and there’s the Transparent Travel Fee which is…
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How to Take Care of Yourself and Your Move After a Divorce
Sep 10, 2018
The top three most stressful events people go through in life are moving, divorce and death. So if you’re going through the first two at one time, it’s no wonder…
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What is a Pre-Move Inspection and why is it important?
Sep 08, 2018
If you’re thinking of hiring 3 Men Movers for your Houston move, you’ll want to get an idea of how moving day will go. Start by getting familiar with the…
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The difference between Hourly Rates and Flat Rates
Sep 02, 2018
As you get estimates for your move, you’ll probably find that some Dallas movers charge by the hour, while others provide a flat rate upfront. So which is the better…
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What’s the difference between a morning move and a flex move?
Aug 08, 2018
If you’re ready to hire a Dallas moving company for your upcoming move, we at 3 Men Movers would be happy to help you. But before we can get you…
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How 3 Men Movers Handles Office Moves
Jul 13, 2018
Moving from one house to another is hard, but moving from one office to another is even harder! After all, your office is probably bigger than your house, and your…
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Shopping For A Moving Quote? 5 Questions You Should Always Ask
Jul 11, 2018
While moving can be exciting, you have to get through some not-so-fun parts first. No, I’m not just talking about packing. After all, you can hire someone for packing and…
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Interstate Moving vs. Intrastate Moving: What’s The Difference?
Jul 08, 2018
When you call 3 Men Movers to get an estimate and start planning your move, one of the details we’ll need to know is whether you’re making an interstate or…
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What Licensed, Bonded, & Insured Means In The Moving Industry
Jul 05, 2018
You’ve likely heard the phrase “licensed, bonded, and insured” by various business owners over the years, but have you ever stopped to think about what it really means? Well, it’s…
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Should I Buy My Movers Lunch?
Jun 20, 2018
Moving is hard work, which is why you’re considering hiring a Round Rock moving company to do the job for you in the first place, right? But when you’re sitting…
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How Professionals Move A Pool Table
Jun 15, 2018
In this world, there are two types of pool tables: the kind that are easy to move, and the kind that are not. In case you’re not sure which one…
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What do you do with your house plants when you move?
Jun 12, 2018
House plants may not be as cute or cuddly as the average family pet, but they’re still important enough to think about as you plan your move. After all, you’ve…
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Do I need to defrost my fridge before moving?
Jun 09, 2018
Your checklist of things to do before you move keeps growing, especially as you look around your kitchen and realize you may need to add "defrost the fridge" to it….
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How much can you fit in a MOVITS Portable Storage container?
Jun 05, 2018
If you have to be out of your house soon but aren’t quite ready to settle down in another home, renting a moving truck won’t help much. Where would you…
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Do Professional Movers do single item moves?
May 25, 2018
We all have that one item–or even a few–that’s too big to move without help. If you’re trying to relocate something that’s too heavy to move alone, hiring Houston movers…
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How much “stuff” fits inside of a 24 foot moving truck?
May 22, 2018
One of the most important parts of moving is figuring out which truck you’re going to need before your Houston movers arrive. After all, you don’t want to realize on…
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Can I ask my movers to rearrange my furniture?
May 15, 2018
You’re probably thinking about hiring an Austin moving company so you don’t have to break a sweat loading and unloading everything you own during your move. After all, it’s hot!…
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Will My Movers Take Away Furniture I Don’t Want?
May 10, 2018
As you pack up your house before you move, you’re likely to discover that you have way more possessions than you thought! And you don’t necessarily want to bring them…
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Top 4 Reasons Why People Move
May 08, 2018
Every year, about 11 percent of the American population packs their bags and moves. We already know when they’re most likely to move — between May and September —…
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What Is a Certificate of Insurance?
May 04, 2018
If you’re moving out of or into an apartment or condo, the moving company you hire might need a Certificate of Insurance before moving day. If your movers don’t get…
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3 Clever Tips To Save Money On Your Move
Apr 26, 2018
When it comes to moving, the only thing scarier than doing it alone is spending more money than you have to. The right San Antonio moving company understands your fears…
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The Right Way To Unpack Your Kitchen After You Move
Apr 09, 2018
So you’ve arrived at your new home with all your belongings safe and sound, thanks to your Austin movers! Now what? Well, before you can get settled into your new…
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How We Protect Our Customers Involved In A Domestic Violence Dispute
Mar 27, 2018
Moving is often stressful, but moving during a domestic violence situation is even worse. We realize that just getting the courage to get out is hard enough, and you shouldn’t…
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The Tools We Bring To Every Move
Mar 20, 2018
Stressing out about your move? Not sure what your movers will and won’t do when the big day comes? Well, if you hire an experienced Dallas moving company like us,…
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Help Moving An Elderly Parent Into Assisted Living
Feb 24, 2018
Your parents may spend their lives worrying about you, but as they get older, it’s you who begins to worry about them. If you’ve noticed an elderly parent has trouble…
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How Professional Movers Move a Gun Safe
Feb 22, 2018
Being big on home protection may mean having a gun safe. But how do you protect both your gun safe and your home from damage during a move? Well, you…
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How To Protect Hardwood Floors When Moving
Feb 20, 2018
You know that hardwood floor you love to admire any time you look down? Picture it with a few scuffs and scratches, and you’ll have an idea of its potential…
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What If Everything Doesn’t Fit in One Moving Truck?
Jan 29, 2018
We’ve helped with a lot of moves throughout Texas, and we always look forward to the feeling of accomplishment we get from packing a truck to perfection! But what happens…
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How Big of a Truck Do I Need?
Jan 24, 2018
As you plan your move to San Antonio, you might be looking forward to all the fun activities you can do once you arrive. But first, you’re going to need…
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Cheap Movers May Cost $100/hr or Less, But You’ll Pay in the Long Run
Jan 16, 2018
Ads for movers charging $100 per hour or less might catch your eye, but you might also notice a little voice in the back of your head saying that’s too…
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How Long Will My Austin Move Take?
Jan 09, 2018
As moving day approaches, you might wonder just how much time your move will take. After all, you need to schedule your celebratory dinner once you’re done! While our Austin…
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Moving Company or DIY? Why Hiring Movers Is The Better Choice
Dec 29, 2017
We’ll explain why (and we won’t be biased): A move can mark a major change in your life: a new job, an empty nest, retirement, a divorce, a marriage. Whatever…
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What Should You Sell, Keep or Toss Before You Move?
Dec 21, 2017
Decisions, decisions, decisions. Moving isn’t known as a fun activity, but it doesn’t have to be overly stressful, either. You can lighten your load — literally — by getting rid…
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4 Must Knows Before Moving to San Antonio
Dec 15, 2017
Get excited – this is a fun town to move to: If a big city in the south seems to be calling your name, it’s time to check out San…
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Moving with Kids: 6 Tips for a Smooth Move
Dec 07, 2017
Children thrive with a consistent routine and environment. So naturally, moving with children while keeping everyone happy can be challenging. So, how can you help your children embrace and even…
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Survival Guide To Moving Over the Holidays: Lose the Stress, Not Your Mind
Dec 01, 2017
Holiday Move Here I Come: The holidays are here, and what better way to celebrate than to bake pies, attend holiday parties and start packing all your belongings to move…
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10 Moving Apps To Get (& Keep) Your Move on Track
Nov 02, 2017
You’ve got an app to wake you up in the morning, an app to help you keep appointments, but what you may not know is that there are apps that…
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5 Frequently Asked Moving Questions
Oct 19, 2017
Our goal is to make each phase of your move as easy as possible. While every move is unique, there are frequently asked questions that come up on nearly every…
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What Do You Do With Boxes After Moving?
Oct 12, 2017
For those who have curbside recycling, disposing of boxes after a move is easy, for others it’s a little more labor intensive but well worth it. Recycling one ton of…
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How To Move A Mattress
Sep 22, 2017
While the idea of having to move your bulky mattress may seem impossible we’re here to make it easy. As long as you make the right preparations, moving the large…
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Do I Have To Tip My Movers?
Sep 21, 2017
We’ve all been there. That awkward moment when you’re paying the bill for a service and you don’t know whether or not you should leave a tip or not. This…
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How Long Will My Move Take?
Aug 21, 2017
If you’re gearing up for a move one of the questions at the top of your mind is how long the process is going to take. It’s important to plan…
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How To File A Claim Against A Moving Company
Aug 10, 2017
Whether you’re moving with an established company or unverified movers, accidents happen. If your belongings are scratched, dented, or broken what you should do now. The answer is simple: follow…
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How Far In Advance Should You Book Your Move?
Aug 09, 2017
If you’re planning on using professional movers for your upcoming move you’re probably wondering when you should book your move. Depending on whether you’re a planner or a procrastinator your…
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Moving In A Hurry? How To Get Out Of Your House In 48 Hours!
Jul 25, 2017
Last minute moves happen for a variety of reasons but they almost always cause stress. If you’re currently in this situation there’s no need to worry because we’re sharing packing…
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How To Keep Your TV Safe During Your Move
Jul 11, 2017
Although they may be bulky, tv’s are extremely fragile, and if the screen is damaged it’s nearly impossible to fix. We’re giving you three methods to help protect your tv…
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The Pros And Cons Of Moving During The Summer
Jun 01, 2017
Summer is without a doubt the busiest season for moving. However, moving during this time of year comes with positives and negatives. We’re going to give you both, along with…
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10 Tips For An Easy PCS Move
May 04, 2017
A PCS (permanent change of station), comes with many benefits but it also comes with its own struggles if you aren’t prepared for it. If you’ve received orders that your…
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