Why Hire Professional Packers to Pack Your Holiday Decorations

  • Published : 12-27-2018

If you’re trying to decide if you should hire professional packers for your move, look around your house and picture putting everything you see into boxes. If you don’t have…

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How to Help Your Kids Adjust to a New School After You Move

  • Published : 12-17-2018

Moving isn’t easy on most adults, but it can be even harder on kids–especially if the move means switching schools in the middle of the school year. At least adults…

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Top 5 Holiday Events & Attractions in Houston

  • Published : 12-06-2018

Whether you’re a Houston native or just spending the holidays here, you’ll find that there’s plenty to do from late November to early January. From millions of twinkling Christmas lights…

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Top 5 Holiday Events & Attractions in San Antonio

  • Published : 12-04-2018

It’s the holidays in San Antonio, and that means it’s time for tamales! But that’s not the only tradition we have around here between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. This…

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Top 5 Holiday Events & Attractions in Austin

  • Published : 12-03-2018

Whether you’ve lived in Austin for years or just moved here, spending the winter holidays in the capital of Texas is quite a treat. Not only do you not have…

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Top 5 Holiday Events & Attractions in Dallas

  • Published : 12-02-2018

Whether you just moved to Dallas or have been here for years, the holiday season in this city is a magical time. From Thanksgiving to New Year’s, there’s something for…

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The Worst – and Best – Days to Move During the Holidays

  • Published : 12-01-2018

You’ve probably heard all about how hard it is to move during the holidays, but sometimes you just don’t have a choice. Maybe you’re relocating for a job and need…

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Home Improvements to Make Before You Move In

  • Published : 11-24-2018

If you recently bought a house, you might already be planning some projects that will make it the perfect home for you. As you make those plans, be sure to…

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Moving When You Work From Home

  • Published : 11-20-2018

If you work from home, planning your move may be a little different than if you worked in an office. Sure, you don’t have a commute so you might have…

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How to Protect Your Holiday Decorations During a Move

  • Published : 11-17-2018

Maybe you’re the type of person who carefully wraps up every decoration right after Christmas, and then places perfectly labeled bins full of d├ęcor into the attic or garage. In…

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Is MOVITS Portable Storage for me?

  • Published : 11-14-2018

Finding safe, convenient storage for belongings is a big part of moving for many people. Whether you’re downsizing to a smaller house or just want less clutter in your new…

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Top 5 Organization Tips from our Professional Packers

  • Published : 11-01-2018

The moving process is so focused on packing and loading everything up that you might forget there’s still a lot of work to be done once you get to your…

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