Moving Tips

Easy, Expert Advice on How to Pack For A Move
Dec 05, 2020
Moving soon? Get the expert tips on the best ways to prepare and how to pack for a move that will save you from wasted money, time & headaches!
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Expert Tips on How To Pack Fragile Items for Moving
Sep 05, 2020
We all have that special set of delicate china, a family heirloom, glassware, or oddly-shaped ceramic figurine that we want to keep safe when moving. Broken items are one of…
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Moving With Us During Hurricane Season? Here’s What To Know
Aug 27, 2020
Are you moving with 3 Men Movers during the Texas hurricane season? If you’re moving when the National Weather Service issues an inclement weather notice for the Gulf Coast, you’ll most likely…
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Why You Need Renter’s Insurance In Texas Before Moving
Aug 22, 2020
Not sure why you need renter’s insurance before you move? To put it plainly: you’ll need a renter’s policy to cover anything you can’t immediately replace. In fact, if you’re…
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5 Essential Things To Do On Moving Day
Aug 09, 2020
Moving can either be exciting or overwhelming. If you haven’t prepared or organized all the necessary things to do on moving day, just thinking about it can be downright…
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What to Know (& Do) Before Hiring Professional Packers
Jul 30, 2020
If you’ve got competing priorities, you should strongly consider hiring professional packers before your next move. Imagine: You’re moving in a week and have been so busy with work…
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Need Movers Who Pack for You? Know This First
Jul 30, 2020
Yes, there really are movers who pack for you. You can hire them, and not break a sweat! Learn more about what to expect from movers who pack, what movers won’t pack, how to know if you should hire professional packers, & how much it typically costs.
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Welcome, Friends of Roselyn! Use ROSE30 during booking and receive $30 off*
Jul 17, 2020
Whether you’ve planned ahead or need to move last minute, 3 Men Movers is here to make your move as stress-free as possible!
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Moving In Summer? This Is Your Cool Safety Guide.
Jul 15, 2020
Planning on moving in the summer heat and trying not to fry like an egg on a hot sidewalk? Summer is peak moving season. So not only is it…
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What You Need to Know Before Moving Into a Storage Unit
Jul 04, 2020
Do you really need to rent that storage unit before moving? If so, what size storage unit do you even need? And, what size moving truck can fit everything you have to…
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