Interstate Moving vs. Intrastate Moving: What’s The Difference?

Interstate Moving vs. Intrastate Moving: What’s The Difference?

When you call 3 Men Movers to get an estimate and start planning your move, one of the details we’ll need to know is whether you’re making an interstate or intrastate move. So what’s the difference? Interstate moves involve moving from one state to another, while intrastate moves occur within the same state. So if you’re moving from Texas to Illinois, you need interstate movers. If you’re moving from Dallas to El Paso, you need intrastate movers. And, while you could hire 3 Men Movers for either type of move, we mainly specialize in local moves. If you’re trying to decide what type of movers to call for your interstate or intrastate move, here’s what you need to know.

How intrastate moving works

How intrastate moving works

If you only remember one thing about our movers, it’s that local moves are their jam. Looking at the map above for us Texans, that means if you’re moving anywhere in and around Texas, it’s an intrastate move. So if you’re moving from San Antonio to Austin, or Houston to Dallas, we’ve got you covered! We even have moving offices in all those cities, though we can certainly move you to any other Texas city for your intrastate move, as well.

As experienced intrastate movers, we can beat the competition when it comes to pricing and speed. We get most local moves done in one day, or at least overnight. That means when our movers show up to help you move in the morning, you could be sleeping in your new bed the same night! We’ve had over 30 years in the moving industry to perfect our craft, so we’re pretty efficient at this point. So, when you need a speedy, affordable move within the state of Texas, we’d be happy to help you!

How interstate moving works

If your move will cross state lines, you’re looking for interstate movers. Here’s where it gets a little tricky if you want to hire 3 Men Movers. Now, if you’re moving from Texas to surrounding states, such as Louisiana or Oklahoma (any state in red on the map), it shouldn’t be a problem. We’d be glad to offer our services at an affordable rate, considering this move probably wouldn’t take much longer than a move from Houston to El Paso.

But if you’re moving from Dallas to Chicago, or basically to any state that’s not next to Texas (every state that’s white on the map), you might want to look into moving companies that specialize in interstate moves. Basically, you’ll want to look at some national van line companies. They operate differently than local movers, making them more cost-effective for long distances. They typically have a driver who simply operates the truck, rather than loading and unloading it, too.

That doesn’t mean you’re on your own when it comes to moving your stuff into the truck. Usually, the agent for the van line has a hub in your city, and that company will load your items into the truck, at which point the truck driver will drive to your new home. Along with moving all of the stuff inside of your home, you may also like to move one or all of your vehicles to avoid driving them or towing them yourself.

As far as your own vehicle is concerned, you may want to consider shipping it if:

  • Your move is really long-distance, as in over 900 miles
  • You have concerns about driving long distances for days—especially at night
  • Paying for gas, hotels, or simply putting additional wear-and-tear on your car is out of your budget
  • You or accompanying passengers have health issues that would make sitting for a looong time either uncomfortable or unsafe

When you factor in the cost of gas and the increased safety and convenience factors, shipping your car makes a lot of sense! If you think that’s a route worth exploring, check out a car-shipping company like All America Auto Transport. They’re a great option to transport and ship your vehicle safely, reliably, and at a reasonable rate!

When to hire 3 men movers

So what makes van lines like this more affordable than moving companies like 3 Men Movers for interstate moves? They don’t usually have to deadhead on the way back. (Deadheading means driving an empty truck back to the office after moving someone.) Instead, they can often pick up another load on the way back, so their trip is a little more lucrative. This, in turn, saves you money!

So can we do interstate moving? We can! However, we’re probably not the cheapest since we send our whole crew, not just a driver, and we have to deadhead on the way back. Some of our regular customers know this and still hire us for long-distance moves, since knowing they’re in good hands is worth any price. Whether you need interstate movers or intrastate movers, 3 Men Movers can help. We have offices in San AntonioAustinHouston, and Dallas, so contact us today!