Moving Tips

How To Keep Your TV Safe During Your Move
Jul 21, 2017
Although they may be bulky, tv’s are extremely fragile, and if the screen is damaged it’s nearly impossible to fix. We’re giving you three methods to help protect your tv…
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Top Tips For Moving Out Of Your Apartment
Jun 08, 2017
There are very few people who enjoy the process of moving (as moving enthusiasts we have a hard time with this…we digress), especially when you have to deal with the…
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Which Portable Storage Option Is Better For You: MOVITS or PODS?
Mar 13, 2017
Portable storage is a convenient alternative to a traditional storage unit given that portable storage comes straight to you. However, after deciding that you want to use portable storage you…
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Do You Tip Movers?
Jan 19, 2017
Tipping (no matter the service) can be an awkward experience, but it doesn’t have to be. Most people move once every few years, so it’s hard to remember tipping protocol….
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How To Relocate An Office
Jan 17, 2017
Office Moves can be quite complex. The relocation of an office typically entails a large amount of furniture, decor, and electronic equipment being moved at once. If you aren’t careful…
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8 Hacks to Quickly Clean Your Apartment Before Moving Out
Want to clean your apartment fast like a pro? Use these 8 efficient cleaning hacks before you move, and you could get your apartment deposit back…
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What Do You Do With Boxes After Moving?
For those who have curbside recycling, disposing of boxes after a move is easy, for others it’s a little more labor intensive but well worth it. Recycling one ton of…
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How Long Will My Move Take?
If you’re gearing up for a move one of the questions at the top of your mind is how long the process is going to take. It’s important to plan…
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